Online personal training services tailored to helping busy ladies
get in shape, stay motivated and maintain their results

I am committed to helping busy ladies take control of their health & fitness without maxing out your diary. 

Whether you want to tone up, lose fat, gain muscle, or just increase mobility – I can give you the knowledge & tools to achieve your goals, and then maintain those results!

Making the change you’ve always wanted isn’t such a big step when you have the best plan of attack, and someone to guide you along the way”

Andrea Louise

Level 3 PT

Motivation & Accountability

Getting started can be a struggle! Knowing that someone has your back and is there to guide you through every step of your health & fitness journey can make the process 10x easier.

Have you ever started a fitness routine/restrictive diet just to fall off the wagon a few weeks later? Often people fail to make the changes they need because they lack motivation and accountability.

I don’t just offer a basic training plan for you to crack on with- I’ll be right behind you, coaching and empowering you with the knowledge on how to get results, and crucially, sustain them.

Tailored Training

You’ll have access to a large variety of training methods because I know not everybody finds the same things enjoyable.

Whether you prefer to run, lift weights, use your bodyweight, do circuits or any other styles of training, I have a proven system that will help you to achieve your long-term goals.

Online training is perfect for those who otherwise may not be able to find the time for training or who don’t want the added cost of travel and/or expensive memberships.

Personal Training Suited To You

Summer of FIT

Wanting to stay on track over the summer?

This program is designed for those who struggle to find time to get to the gym and want quick & convenient workouts.

Online 1-1 Coaching

Keep your favourite foods and your social life.

Lose fat and learn how to keep it off. You get a tailored written workout program, nutrition planning & guidance and 1-1 support with the benefit of being able to perform the workouts at a time that suits you.

1-1 Personal Training

Ideal for anyone who has specific goals that wants that extra support and motivation on their journey. 

You get a workout plan that’s customised to your goals, nutrition planning & guidance, direct 1-1 support and guided 1 hour online workout sessions.


My amazing clients are always a source of inspiration for me.
Here's some of their hard work and what they have to say!


4 Week FIT


1-1 PT


Personalised Program

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